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Parking and Seating

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Campus parking is free beginning at noon Friday through 9:00pm Monday.

General Parking:
Guests will park in outlying parking lots (follow the many signs that will be posted) and enjoy Park & Ride arrangements of free shuttles running continual loops around campus that include parking lots, Schoellkopf Stadium, and other locations on campus.

Saturday: Guests may park for free in open lots/spaces on Saturday, with the exception of noted road/lot closures.

Sunday: All central campus roads are closed 8am-4pm on Sunday.

Please be aware that for safety reasons, specific campus roads are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Guests cannot drive to stadium entrances to drop off passengers. However, mobility-impaired guests may apply for a special parking permit (see below) through the Commencement Office.

Please familiarize yourself with weekend Park & Ride plans noting restrictions with campus parking areas, bus routes, closed parking lots, and closed roads.

Mobility-Impaired Parking at Schoellkopf Stadium:
Guests with wheelchairs, walkers, motorized scooters, etc. will need to obtain a yellow "Option 1" mobility-impaired parking permit from the Commencement Office, rather than use the park-n-ride shuttle system. Vehicles displaying a yellow "Option 1" parking permit will be allowed to park at the stadium garage and enter the stadium with no stairs to navigate.
Handicap Tags: Although a handicap tag will permit guests to park in designated handicap spaces in open parking areas, they do NOT provide access to closed roads. Since central campus roads are closed 8am-4pm on Sunday, guests are not permitted to drive through campus to drop off passengers or park at/near Schoellkopf Stadium. However, if a guest needs to park at Schoellkopf Stadium, the Commencement Office is happy to provide a special parking permit that will allow mobility-impaired guests to park in the Schoellkopf Stadium parking garage, entering from Rte 366/Hoy Road. (Owning a handicap tag is not necessary.) For a stadium garage parking permit, please click here and request "Option 1" parking & seating arrangements:

Residence Halls (dorms): There is no charge or permit required for parking in the residence hall parking lots Friday through Monday. Parking is on a space-available basis.

Taxis, hotel shuttle vans, chartered buses, and limousines will be treated as private vehicles and are subject to the same parking regulations and road restrictions/closures (unable to drop off passengers at Schoellkopf Stadium).

RV Parking: Please call the Park Service at 800-456-CAMP (800-456-2267) for information about overnight camping in the Ithaca area. Daytime RV parking on campus Saturday and Sunday will be in the CC Lot at North Campus.

Check the Road Closures page for Commencement Day road closure information.


For Commencement, all guests are urged to be in their seats by 9:00am, 9:30am at the latest. Announcements start at 9:45am and degree candidates will be processing into the stadium from 10:00-11:00am. This is a fun, festive time to be watching for your student! The formal ceremony begins at 11:00am and will end by noon.

General Seating:
Guests may sit in general seating areas in either the West Stands or the Crescent. Both areas are bleacher-style seating with stairs and no back support. Buses bring guests from campus parking lots to the Crescent side of the stadium. From there, guests will walk under the Crescent seating, and through a portal (entryway). Please be aware that when you walk through the portal, you will be about 2/3 of the way up the stadium, not at ground/field level.

Mobility-Impaired Seating at Field Level (Option 1):
This seating area has folding chairs for back support and can accommodate wheelchairs, walkers and scooters. It is easily accessible from the stadium parking garage. Vehicles must display a yellow Option 1 parking permit to enter/park in the garage.
Mobility-Impaired Seating in Bleachers (Option 2):
This seating arrangement is the same as general seating in the Crescent (see "general seating") but with no more than 10 stairs to climb. The Option 2 seating areas in the Crescent are rows of bleachers located between portals/entryways to minimize the number of stairs to climb. This seating is not at field level. Guests must request Option 2 parking & seating arrangements to have access to this special seating area.

Strollers: The stadium bleachers are not conducive to standard strollers. Smaller umbrella-style strollers are fine since they can be folded.

Degree candidates will be seated in chairs on Schoellkopf Field for Commencement.

Pets: No animals (other than service animals), alcoholic beverages or glass bottles are allowed inside Schoellkopf Stadium.

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