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Severe Weather Plan for Sunday

Our Severe Weather Plan (SWP) is defined as potentially dangerous weather, torrential downpour, high winds, lightning, and any other condition deemed too unsafe to hold the ceremony outside at the stadium. If it is only raining, the ceremony will remain outdoors at Schoellkopf Stadium.
Guests should be prepared for all types of weather.

There are NO TICKETS issued or required for the 2017 Severe Weather Plan.

If severe weather is expected Sunday morning and we need to enact our Severe Weather Plan for Commencement, the ceremony will be delayed or moved indoors. Details will be announced starting 8:00am at

  • Delay Plan: The ceremony will remain outdoors at Schoellkopf Stadium, but delayed up to 2 hours. There is no guest limit for the outdoor ceremony at Schoellkopf Stadium. Timing of the procession and ceremony would shift accordingly. Afternoon college event times may adjust, as necessary.
  • Indoor Plan: A ceremony for STUDENTS ONLY will be held in Barton Hall at 10:30am. There will not be a procession from the Arts Quad, or one inside Barton Hall. Please review information below for ceremony instructions for students, and livestream viewing instructions for families & guests.

SWP Ceremony - Information for Students and Families

Students: Go to Barton Hall for a 10:30-11:30am indoor ceremony. Doors open at 9:00am, be seated by 10:30am. When the ceremony ends at 11:30am, go to your afternoon college event location to join your family for your college/department ceremony.
...more SWP details

Families & Guests: Do not go to Barton Hall. Go directly to your afternoon college event location at 9:30-11:30am where you may view live stream of the Barton Hall ceremony. Live stream will also viewable on your own device at
...more SWP details

SWP Schedule

Please check college event charts for event severe weather locations.

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